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Year: 2014
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama
Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
Stars: Jena Malone, Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson

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Inherent Vice 2014 torrent

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Users review: Lets start this off with a reward offering. Ill pay anyone $20 if they can explain to me, in detail, the full plot and synopsis of Inherent Vice, front to back. Thats a good place to start, eh?The New York Film Festival press and audiences given the gift of a first look at Paul Thomas Andersons hotly anticipated Inherent Vice starring Joaquin Phoenix and an all-star cast. Based on the novel by Thomas Pynchon, rumors flew about for months that the novel is a tough read and that the translation from book to film could be confusing in the hands of an auteur filmmaker like Anderson. Well, to a certain extent, they are absolutely correct. Inherent Vice is such a mind trip, one that will probably make you want to enroll in drug rehab by the end credits. Whats amazing about it is even though you, nor I will probably get it, and theres way more questions than answers at the moment, I cannot wait to revisit it again to start seeking those things out. You can see a little of Andersons entire filmography.Our basic synopsis is the story of Larry Doc Sportello, who in the 1970s, begins to search for his missing former girlfriend. The other things that accompany those facts, is a hallucination of laughs, satire, and magnificent filmmaking abilities.Lets start with thanking the good Lord for Paul Thomas Anderson and his love of 35mm. Even though the screening did not show the film in that quality (the public screening however did), theres a charm thats still embedded within all of Andersons film that pays homage to all the classic films of history. This is also partly thanks to Academy Award winning DP Robert Elswit, who can frame a scene to tension and success. Much like his past efforts such as The Master, There Will Be Blood, and Boogie Nights, theres a magnitude of a visual masters exercises on display. He crafts provocative and engaging players that fully mesmerize you for its duration. On the top of his game, once again is the genius that is Joaquin Phoenix. Hes hilarious, and nothing like The Dude as many will compare him. Hes a three-dimensional character with layers, fully invested in the story, and best of all, utterly believable. In a quirky, detective mystery such as this, you expect some outrageous behavior that can sometimes run false. Call me crazy, I believed nearly all. Phoenix is pure, ludicrous, and keeps you fixated entirely. You couldnt ask for a more dependable thespian at this time in cinema. Theres even a weird but obvious comparison to Freddie Quell, as if Freddies illegitimate child got into drugs and missed out on the alcoholism.The supporting players are as rich as any Anderson creation before. Finally back to large ensembles, where he has shined time and time again in films like Magnolia, he assembles one of the strongest casts seen in 2014. Like a rock and roll star, Josh Brolin owns the stage with a savage and vicious dedication to his character, he stands out as one of the finest performances of the year. I adored him, and it might be his finest outing yet, and something that could ring him some much deserved awards attention. If you dont know her name yet, Katherine Waterston will be on the tongues of many for years to come. As Shasta Fay Hepworth, youll find an enigmatic character with an entrancing and sensual aura. At times, feeling like a mixture of Rollergirl from Boogie Nights and Claudia Wilson Gator from Magnolia, Waterston is one of engrossing and compelling characters of the year. Its an awards worthy performance, baring the soul of a performer that understands her purpose, Waterston is plain magnificent. You will get big chuckles from Benicio del Toro, Owen Wilson, and Martin Short, all of which make their mark. In one strong scene, Jena Malone leaves her mark while Michael Kenneth Williams could have set the screen on fire with more time than what he was given. Sasha Pieterse (fabulous as always), Reese Witherspoon (reminding us why we loved Johnny and June Cash together so much), Eric Roberts (ye…